2016 Awakening Radiance 7 Day Event

After the success of last year's retreat we open the doors to 2016's Awakening Radiance 2.0

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Making the Impossible Possible

A Unique Opportunity To Transform Consciousness Through Silent Meditation, Yoga and Indigenous Mexican Ceremony  

Discover How You Can Tune Into A Limitless Magic That Will Redefine Your Entire Life

September 2016 


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Free Yourself From All Limitations & Come On A Journey Unlike Any Other. Discover Through Experience the Answers to Impossible Questions About Existance and Your Place In The World. 

Awakened Insight  

When is a good time to wake up? How about right now. Give yourself the time to unplug and the permission to witness something that is beyond belief.

Beyond Space & Time

Buddhist meditation with Mayan medicine fused with modern analytical questioning.

Diving into Source  

Pull back the veil and discover what lies at the heart of default reality. Life will never be the same again.

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